Man wins $14,000 after a hair was served in his bagel

Ryan Burke 
By: Shifra Unger

A single strand of hair for $14,000, which was the amount a shop, had to pay.

A police officer from New Jersey won nearly $14,000 for a bagel that was served stuffed with a hair by a vindictive employee.

Officer Jeremy Merck won a lawsuit against 27 year old Chef Ryan Burke, this follows a short jail sentence and probation, the news media reported.

Burke, confessed to putting his body hair in the turkey, egg and cheese bagel in retaliation for a traffic stop.

Merck did not make the unpleasant discovery until he had bitten on the sandwich.

Burke was immediately fired and arrested on charges of aggravated assault on an officer of the law and retaliation against a public official. He spent 15 days in jail, but Merck felt that was not enough, his lawyer said.

"The officer was convinced that the provision of criminal prosecution against Ryan Burke

insufficiently solved the problem behavior," said attorney Bruce Zamost. "His motivation was, and always has been, to send a message to anyone considering the idea of revenge against public officials."

The civil suit was dismissed when the two sides reached $13,750, the attorneys said.

Zamost said the case demonstrates a general lack of respect for public officials.
"There is nothing wrong with questioning authority, but mechanisms exist in a civilized society to do it," he said.



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