Doctor survives cancer after injecting himself with disused drug

Dr. Rami Seth 
By: Shifra Unger

Dr. used a dangerous old and disused cancer drugs and survives his deadly cancer.

Dr. Rami Seth, 70, was given only a few weeks to live when he was diagnosed with four large tumors in the liver.

The father of two, who worked as a physician and surgeon for 40 years, went to his 200 friends and family so he could say goodbye.

But after talking with a colleague about cancer treatments he said that there was an old cancer drug called beta interferon, which shrank the tumors, making it easier for surgeons to remove.

Dr. Seth, an expert in urology at the Hospital of the city of Nottingham, surprised the doctors of his progress. He said: "The tumors were too large and inaccessible for surgery.”

"There was only one result, and when they said they were inoperable I knew it was the end of the game.”
"I had a couple of weeks to live and that was it. What I wanted was to say goodbye to my friends and family.”

"I told my friends", some of you will come to my funeral and say good things about me, but I can hear them now, "so we had a party."

Dr. Seth was first diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney.
He had the tumor removed, but a year later the cancer was back and doctors found four malignant tumors in the liver.

Another large tumor was discovered in a large vein in the abdomen, known as the inferior vena cava.
The growths were declared inoperable and despite a second opinion, Dr. Seth said he had only weeks to live.

But after that he continued his way, his colleague, Professor Patel Poulam suggested that he try an anticancer drug first developed in the 1960s.

Dr. Seth said: "Professor Patel told him of this very old cancer drug that works only around one in five patients.”

"I thought I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try.”
"One reason why the medication was not used was because it had terrible side effects.”

"Patients feel sleepy, depression, and knock you out for two days and then you have to take the drug again.”
"I took it and I felt terrible, but it worked."

Incredibly, ten months after taking the drug three times a week, Dr. Seth went under the knife in the infirmary of St James in Leeds, where surgeons successfully removed the tumors.



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