Most expensive food in the world sold in dead squirrels

Dead squirrel carcass, filled with expensive beer 
By: John Roberts

If you see a dead squirrel don’t run from it, the world’s most expensive food maybe hiding inside the dead squirrel.

If you ever come into possession into an obscene amounts of money and do not know how to burn through it, consider purchasing a $12,000 pizza or a $2,000 Wagyu meatloaf and drink it with a pint of an $1,100 lager, in a Belgian casing made of a dead squirrel.

Some of the most costly foods in the globe, among which are gold-lined, truffle-laced and wine soaked foods like a $16,000 meat pie sold at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, England.

Filled with 6 pounds of Kobe beef, each slice will cost you $2,000. You can also buy a meatloaf marinated in two bottles of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982, filled with truffles and mushrooms Matsusake and edible 23 karat gold to adorn.

In the New York Westin Hotel in Times Square, chef Frank Tujague created a limited-edition bagel that costs $1,000, stuffed with white truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves.

And from BrewDog in Scotland there is a pint of $800 to $1,100 Belgian beer, which comes in a dead squirrel carcass.

Other foods astronomically expensive includes a $12,000 pizza topped with lobster, caviar, cheeses and eight different hand-picked River salt from Australia to Italy.



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