Kidnapped man found in the garage of a New York Police detective

Man found tied up in this police detective garage 
By: Debbie Gross

A New York City police detective was suspended without pay after a suspected forger was kidnapped and found tied in his garage in Queens, New York, sources said yesterday.

Ondre Johnson, a 17-year veteran assigned to the gang unit of North Brooklyn, was questioned and released, and four others, including his cousin roommate, were charged.

Johnson however, was forced to surrender his gun and badge pending the outcome of the investigation.
His cousin, Hakeem Clark, an alleged forger of credit cards and could have done business with the victim 25 years of age, Brian Karikari, who was abducted in the street early Friday, police sources told the news media.

One of Clark’s gang members, Jason Hutson, approached Karikari. When Karikari tried to enter his vehicle, Hutson pointed a gun and said, "Do not try anything funny or I will shoot you," according to court documents.

Karikari was taken to the detective's house and Hutson demanded a ransom, sources said.
His abductors took his cell phone, called the last number that was dialed, demanded $75,000 in cash and promised to kill him if their demands were not met.

The person the kidnappers’ spoke with, called a friend, who notified the police.
The police went to the house of Karikari, but his father, unaware of the kidnapping of his son, said that everyone was safe.

The rescue call was traced down to the home of Johnson. The police repeatedly hit the door at 3 pm. He responded with two pistols and identified himself as a police officer.

Agents searched the house and found the victim tied up in the garage.
In his basement, police found a safe that contained the victim's wallet, blank and stolen credit cards and forging equipment.

Karikari’s father said last night, he had been unaware of the kidnapping of his son, but added: "I do not doubt it. "He just sent me a message that I have to change the locks on the door, because someone has the keys or something," he said.

Clark, 30, was charged with kidnapping and weapons charges, and Hutson, 27, who was hiding under the bed of the detective and James Gayle, 27, were also arrested, sources said. Alfredo Haughton, 24, was charged with kidnapping.

Johnson, meanwhile, was questioned and released. He claimed to have had no knowledge of any illegal activity at his home.

Sources said that internal affairs, is concerned about the alleged crimes that occurred in the house of a police detective and that Johnson can hang out with people who are on probation or who have criminal records.



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