Eight-year-old boy injures police officers with tear gas

Police car 
By: Sarah Weiss  

An eight year old boy was ready to fight and he was not going to let anyone stop him.

Police officers in France, responded to a call in the Western city of Nantes, to stop neighbors that were fighting.

When police arrived at the scene they were confronted by an eight year old boy, who held a hammer and a bottle of tear gas. The boy proceeded to spray tear gas at the officer's eyes, then he hit one officer with the hammer breaking the officer’s finger.

Both police officers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The boy and his mother were questioned, police officers wanted to know how the boy got the tear gas, but no charges were filed yet.

"The boy was highly aggressive and took our officers by surprise. The boy was reported to social services but at the age of eight he is too young to be prosecuted," a Nantes police spokesman said.



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