Mayor Bloomberg limits baby formula to encourage breastfeeding

Mayor Bloomberg  
By: John Roberts 

Mayor Bloomberg was successful in limiting soda for adults, he also wants to limit formula for babies.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting some support for his campaign to help promote breastfeeding.

The mayor has received some criticism over the policy, which discourages infant formula to be used in hospitals.

While some are scolding the mayor for trying to impose a "nanny state". The National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy, says it's a good program.

The executive director of the Alliance says that keeping baby formula locked, where medicines are stored, helps prevent hospital staff to reach for the first bottle, instead of encouraging new mothers to breastfeed their infants.

The program called latch on NYC is voluntary for hospitals, and is part of a national effort to improve the health of infants by promoting breastfeeding for infants.

Mothers who insist on bottle feeding will be able to do so, but the nurses will have to sign out the baby formula. The formula will always be given for mothers who have difficulty feeding.



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