Pot chewing gum now available to buy in the U.S.

Woman chewing gum 
By: David Ross 

Soon you will be able to get high just by chewing gum.

Drug laced chewing gum will reach marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, California, Arizona and Washington, DC.

This deployment will follow the footsteps of an amazing array of homemade sweets laced with marijuana, bakery products, syrups, and elixirs, most of which occur in local areas where cannabis stores conduct business. The gum, called ‘Can Chew’, is a collaboration of San Diego, Inc. Medical Marijuana, and Can Chew Technologies, San Diego chewing gum technology company based in the Netherlands.

Can Chew has developed a gum containing THC cannabis or dronabinol, for persons suffering from Alzheimer, loss of appetite, nausea and multiple sclerosis.

Through technology, which are capable of producing a gum which when chewed, release fine particles of THC in oral mucosa, the mucosa of the mouth, that allows rapid absorption of the compound of cannabis.

According to the company, this allows rapid relief of pain, nausea, stress and loss of appetite. According to Dr. Philip Van Damme of Can Chew, those who suffer from chronic pain, patients with early and late stage cancer and even anorexics may experience relief with the gum.



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