Drunk flight attendant arrested after being 8 times above the legal limit

Stephanie Partington 
By: authorname 

A flight was severely impaired after one of the crew members was very drunk.

A flight attendant who was drunk on duty during a flight from Dubai to the United Kingdom has been fired after blood tests found her to be eight times over the legal limit.

Stephanie Partington, 24, was arrested when the plane landed in Birmingham after fellow members of the cabin crew raised the alarm about her behavior.

Tests later revealed that the level of alcohol in her blood was eight times the legal limit for flight attendants.
Partington was charged under the Civil Aviation Act and appeared before the Solihull magistrate court this week.

The court heard that she had been fired from Emirates Airlines. Fiona Davis, a prosecution attorney, said: "She was working in the back of the plane and during the flight, the cabin crew realized she was very drunk and she was asked to calm down.
At the end of the flight she had to fill out paperwork and the attendant noticed her handwriting was very bad and the writing was illegible. The crew was worried about her behavior.”

Ms. Davis said the captain felt Partington was drunk and called police when the plane landed in Birmingham after a seven-hour flight.

She was arrested when she failed a breath test conducted by police at the airport, but told officers she had not had anything to drink for eight hours.

However, the court heard that another test returned a reading of 164mgs of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood, twice the legal blood alcohol limit of 80mgs.
Ms. Davis said that under aviation law the legal limit for flight attendants was only 20 mg.



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