Man puts "No More Hookers" sign in his front yard

"No More Hookers" sign 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) After constantly seeing hookers outside his home, one man got tired of them.

Prydwen Corbin was tired of prostitutes plying their trade in front of his house. After ordering them to leave from near his property did not work, he erected signs to tell the ladies of the night that they were unwelcome near his property.

Prydwen moved to his home in the Mountain View area of Roanoke in June. He told the news media that he moved here because "I love historic homes, character, charm and a great neighborhood."

However, the area has proved to be a problem for Prydwen. The street in which he lives in is frequented by prostitutes. According to Prydwen, three to four prostitutes walk outside his home early afternoon. He decided to do something about it.

Prydwen began to be friendly with them. He asked them to leave the street outside his home. He said, "I asked them politely to please not stay on my corner and I got a negative response from them. Indeed, I've had a knife pulled on me by one of them."

When this did not work, Prydwen erected signs in his yard that said "No more hookers!" and a stop sign. He placed reflectors around the signs for their unwanted guests so they can be seen at night.

While the women hanging out in front of the house are not happy to see the signs, his neighbors seem to be satisfied. A neighbor said, "I'm glad he's doing this. I agree with him. We have children. We do not want them to see that disgusting thing."

Police are not optimistic that the sign will help. A police official said, "In the past, the district was known as an area of prostitution and therefore people seeking prostitution and prostitutes know it is an area to come to."
Since January, police have arrested eight prostitutes and 16 clients in the neighborhood.



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