Man rapes woman after he offered to help her home

Street of the attack 
By: David Ross 

Think twice before accepting help even from a person that looks to be like as Good Samaritan.

A man posing as a Good Samaritan offered to help a drunken 28-year-old woman to her apartment in Greenwich Village, Manhattan New York. When they arrived at her apartment, she told the police, he put her on a couch and sodomized her.

The victim had just gotten out of a taxi sometime after 2:30 am, but was so unsteady on her feet, she sat on a bench, a police source said. A stranger who she described as a middle-aged Asian man around 5-foot-9 offered to help her home.

She agreed, and when she opened the door of her apartment, she said, he followed her inside and attacked her.
Another woman who lives in the building said that she also had a terrifying encounter with a man who followed her home at dawn.

"I turned around and shouted: 'What the f**k you! Get the f **k away from me,'" she said. "I panicked. I was super aggressive with him, so he ran.''
Police asked the public for help in identifying the perpetrator.



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