New York eye wear store owner gets 4 years jail for threatening to rape complaining customers

Vitaly Borker 
By: David Ross 

Buying online seems to be pretty safe from getting into physical confrontation. But that has not turned it to be the case with one eye wear website.

A website operator selling glasses and other eye wear was jailed without bail after witnesses said he threatened them with murder or rape when they complained about the orders of eye wear.

U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in Manhattan ordered Vitaly Borker, 36, jailed as soon as the last of the five witnesses from across the country finished giving their testimony about the terror they felt of his threats.

The judge said he found "very credible" their claims that Borker made threats involving murder, rape, and in one case, cutting the legs off of a woman.

Borker pleaded guilty last year to making threats and accusations of fraud. He was to be sentenced earlier this year, but the judge stopped the process and asked to hear the witnesses after Borker’s lawyer, Dominic Amorosa, stressed Borker never threatened anyone with rape or death despite the claims of many customers that he did. Dominic Amorosa cited sales of more than 100,000 pairs of glasses to show that the business was a success. He acknowledged that Borker made threats, but denied he ever said he would kill anyone.

The federal sentencing guidelines call for a term of approximately three years in prison, but Sullivan said he would impose a harsher sentence. This week the judge handed him a sentence of four years in prison.

Prosecutors said that over 200 complaints against Borker had been filed with the Federal Trade Commission since 2007 on the operation of his website,



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