Man steals dog in robbery then holds it for ransom

gun pointed at the dog’s head  
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) A vicious robber send a text message to a dog owner, showing him holding a gun to the dog’s head.

One day Emily Connors came home from work only to see that her house was burglarized. Many things were stolen including electronics and the worst thing that was stolen was her beloved 7-year-old dog named Plato.

Later that day Connors received several threatening text messages from the thief asking for $3,000 ransom for her dog. Connors was unsure how to respond to the thief but then he sent Connors a text message along with a photo of Plato with a gun pointed at its head. This time she knew that she had to do something.

Connors offered the thief $1,000 and he accepted the offer. They arranged to meet up in front of her bank. “He just walked up like nothing was going on, he had the dog completely enclosed in a backpack.

Plato was completely zipped up inside a backpack. I said show me the dog so he opened the backpack Plato jumped out of the backpack. At the same time the suspect grabbed the envelope and ran away, I was so relieved to get my dog back," Connors said.

A short time later the suspect sent Connors another text, which read "Thanks for the small donation."

Connors is happy to have her dog back in good health. "I would do anything for my pet, I love her, she is part of my family and she is unconditionally loved," Connors said.
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