Pet monkey detained after biting woman

Biting monkey detained 
By: David Ross 

A monkey that was held in California illegally as a pet is now in quarantine after biting a woman.

The Javan macaque caused serious injuries to the hands and arms of the victim, the local newspaper reported. The monkey was kept in Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County.

Eric Anderson, the director of County Animal Services, said it received a notice on the bite. He said the Javan macaque can inflict bites, like dogs.

"This type of animal is not intended to stay in a private home. This is illegal," said Anderson. "It lived on a diet that included Frosted Flakes and juice. It is strongly discouraged to feed this food to any animal, and it is totally the wrong kind of diet."

The monkey will be quarantined for 60 days at the zoo For You, a rescue operation.

In a similar case that caught national attention, a chimpanzee ripped off the face of a woman. The woman survived the attack and underwent a full face transplant.



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