Police called after elected official screams at bank teller

Randle Stevens screaming at the bank teller
By: David Ross 

An elected official thought he is above the law and demanded that the bank teller break the law.

When the bank teller refused he got very angry and started screaming at her.

The bank teller called police after she started fearing for her safety after she refused to cash his check.

No charges were filed in the incident, according to a police report. Councilman Randle Stevens says he will not return to the Surfside Beach branch of Wells Fargo ever.

Stevens, 62, went to cash a check for $100 at Wells Fargo in Surfside Beach, but the cashier refused because the signature of the account holders appear inconsistent with other writing on the check and the official could not produce two forms of identification, according to an incident report.

Stevens said Friday that the incident was not a big problem. "This was a private business matter and is much ado about nothing," he said. He said he did not bring his wallet and only had his driver's license when he entered the bank. When asked for a second identification he went to his car and found only an identification card issued by the Surfside Beach Town Council, he said.

Stevens was told by the bank teller that she had to call the owner of the account when he became "agitated" and tried to call the man himself, police said.

He asked for his check back, but the bank manager said it will be held by the bank until the account holder is contacted. That's when Stevens began shouting and announcing that he was a Councilman of Surfside Beach, according to the report. Stevens was asked repeatedly to leave the bank, but said he would not until the check was returned to him.

"I told them that this was ridiculous and I hate being treated like a common criminal," he said. "They insisted that they were not going to give me the check back because that is against the law."

Stevens told police that he knew the check was legitimate and did not agree with the bank's decision not to cash it or return it, according to the report.

The check was returned when the account holder went to a Wells Fargo branch in Georgetown and confirmed that he had authorized the check, but Stevens still was asked to leave and he was not charged, police said.

Stevens said he later cashed the check at a branch in Georgetown.

The bank manager declined to press charges for trespassing and Stevens was not arrested.



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