Football star arrested for killing his mistress and feeding her remains to his dog

Eliza Samudio
By: Moses Gold 

Not all sports stars are nice people, some are in fact very evil.

A football star is going to trial after being accused of torturing and killing his lover, and then feeding her dismembered body parts to his dog.

Married Bruno Fernandes de Souza, 27, once the favorite goalkeeper to play for Brazil, is accused of having turned model Eliza Samudio into a human sacrifice to preserve his reputation after she gave birth to his love child.

He is already serving a prison sentence of four and a half years after being convicted of assaulting and abducting Ms. Samudio, 25, but will be tried for her murder later this year.

Prosecutors allege that Ms. Samudio planned abduction and murder was carried out by as much as eight people, including his wife Dayane, a teenage cousin and former detective Luiz Santos, all of whom have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.

The goalkeeper, who played for the Brazilian club Flamengo, is said to have watched Santos committing "barbaric torture" on Ms. Samudio before helping the former detective dismember her body.

The body parts of the woman are alleged to have been fed to the dog of Bruno, while the rest was buried in concrete.
Bruno is accused of ordering his wife to tell people that their love child, who was four months old at the time of the murder, had been adopted by them from a poor family member.



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