School isolates young girl because of her shoe color

Keeley Skov  
By: Debbie Gross 

You must wear the right shoe color or you will be ostracized.

A teen girl, who has to wear special shoes because of a foot condition, has been told by school officials that she will be taught in isolation if she does not wear the right shoes.

Keeley Skov has to wear Achilles braces and orthotics as she suffers from Achilles tendonitis that causes chronic pain.

The brackets do not fit into the standard school shoes, and so Keeley wears a pair of black and white sneakers to school.

But Wilnecote High School officials in Tamworth, told the 13-year-old, she should wear black shoes according to the school regulations, despite Keeley having a doctor's note explaining her situation.

The school will not accept the letter and said that Keeley will be kept in isolation until she wears a pair of plain black shoes.

Mom Carrie Skov said: "Keeley is a shy girl, she works hard at school and she was devastated. She was in floods of tears.
"She said a teacher told her she would be in isolation until she was wearing the right shoes and they would not accept the letter from the hospital.

I want an apology for the way she was treated, there is a medical reason why she wears these shoes and we provided them with medical evidence.
She should have been treated differently. She cried all day about it.”

Director Stuart Tonks said that at the end of last season, students were given new cards reminding the strict school uniform policy and parents were reminded about this.

Stuart said: "Wilnecote High School is strengthening its uniform policy in the beginning of the new school year and the shoes have to be black.

Keeley was in school with shoes that were black and white. This student has medical reasons why she needs to use a certain type of shoe and we appreciate that.

We want to work with the family to help them comply with our uniform policy.”



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