Man records his mom sleepwalking and shares it with the world

Mother sleepwalking 
By: Sarah Weiss 

(Scroll down for video) A man recorded his sleepwalking mother and shared it with the whole world on Youtube.

After years of home-cooked dinners, dirty laundry and encouragement at soccer practices, most moms deserve a little more respect.

But this ungrateful son thanked his mother by recording her sleepwalking and posting it on the internet.
The hysterical video, upload to YouTube, shows a woman in night clothing wandering around the kitchen while her child is recording the scene with a camera.

The son, who goes by the name 'stillsoundlyawake' on YouTube, then asks her, "And what you're doing exactly mam?”

With eyes open and talking with attention, the mother explained that she was trying to open a "tomato cage", a wire structure used to grow tomatoes.
"It is a special code," she says with a shake. "I was doing something special. The tomato cage will not open.”

The man, clearly amused, probes: “And where exactly is this tomato cage?”
"Somewhere," she says. "I tried many things. But it would not open and I'm angry now,” she added.

After a final dance the woman leaves the kitchen, allegedly going back to bed.

But her son did leave the humiliation at that. In the second video below you can see a follow-up video, which was also posted on the internet, shows him showing the video to his humiliated mother.

Unable to believe what her subconscious self stands for, she covers her mouth as she laughs. But her son laughs louder.
Maybe it's time for the son to move out of the home.

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Mobile video not loading? Click here to view



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