Man ordered 2,000 family buckets to protest KFC’s unsanitary conditions

KFC family bucket 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) While on a business trip from Beijing to Wuhan, wealthy businessman Yang Lin, was very unhappy with the unsanitary conditions of the local KFC branch, so he complained to the manager.

The manager was not receptive to the complaint. Lin became angry when his complaints were ignored as he felt that the unsanitary environment was a danger to the locals.

Lin decided to warn people about the unsafe KFC so he was ready to he spent $17,500 by purchasing 2,000 family buckets of chicken.

But after 22 family buckets the store refused to give him more. He paid for the 22 family buckets and left the store.

Lin went outside and began lining them up at the entrance of the store. He placed signs warning people not to eat the KFC food because they are a health hazard. “I have been to many KFC restaurants in other countries and found them to follow very strict health standards,” he said.

"I wanted to buy all their food so they could not poison anyone and I wanted to warn people to be careful with the foods they eat,” Lin said.

Lin only agreed to end his protest after KFC managers in Wuhan, Hubei province, publicly apologized and agreed to improve the restaurants sanitary conditions for the safety of its customers.



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