“Who’s Your Daddy?” van offers New Yorkers DNA tests on the go

Van offering mobile DNA tests 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) In this tough economy, people are looking for creative ways to make money. One man, Jared Rosenthal, came up with the idea of selling DNA tests from a van.

Rosenthal drives his van around in New York City, offering men the chance to find out whether or not they are the father of a child, while offering women an easy way to find the father of their child.

Rosenthal parks the van at different locations on the streets of New York. If you spot the van and you want to have a DNA test, just flag it down and the van will stop at the side of the road to give you a DNA test and peace of mind. If one wants to be more discreet then they can have the van come to their home to do the DNA test.

The test costs between $299 and $575. The test includes giving the person a cheek swab and a blood test, and the results are available after a couple of days.

Rosenthal has witnessed many heartbreaks, but he has also witnessed happy moments when fathers find out that they are the biological father of the child they love. If you ever watched the “Maury Show”, you know the heartbreak of a father who finds out that the child he loved and cared for since birth, turns out not to be his, or the joy of a father who finds out that his beloved child is indeed his.

Rosenthal says that "Who’s Your Daddy?" has helped reunite a 44-year-old father from Harlem with his long lost 20-year-old daughter. He had seen the “Who’s your daddy?” van driving around town so he decided to take action. He might be 20 years late but better late then never. Now he can build a relationship with his daughter.

Sadly the service provided by "Who’s Your Daddy?", is in high demand. ”It’s not something people talk about, but there is a big need for it,” Rosenthal said.

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