Nude fisherman rescued as many sharks were surrounding him

Nude fisherman praying to be rescued from the shark infested ocean 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A nude fisherman was rescued just in time from the shark infested ocean waters, as sharks were seen surrounding him.

The fisherman was found nude in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks as they circle the man preparing for their human meal.

The harrowing rescue of this man in Australia was caught on video and is like a movie of a thriller as it is seen on the video as sharks are approaching the nude man.

The boat he was fishing from sank into the ocean waters off Australia, according to the news media. He was with two other men when the ship ran into trouble. The nude fisherman survived swimming in the water for hours and the ordeal caused him to lose his clothes. A news crew found the man who first took this video as the man did his best to stay afloat without creating too much attention in the shark-infested waters.

On the video, a man from the news team is heard saying: "We just saw a massive hammerhead shark just circling around him, probably about 20 feet away. He is holding his hands in prayer. He is crying for help!” The rescue team ended up pulling him to safety, but this man endured these shark infested waters for hours before being saved. There were two other fishermen in the boat before it sank, and one of them died, and one of them is still missing.

The news media later reported that the man who was rescued, but died later, but what caused his death is still unknown. A TV news helicopter of Australia saw one of the men who were missing and alerted the coastal authorities who rescued the man.

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