'Green mayor' gets stuck after electric car runs out of power

Mayor Bill Randall shows off his electric car 
By: Moses Gold 

Mayor Bill Randall, is known to push the green movement for a clean environment. He is the first mayor who leased an electric car versus a gas car paid for by the taxpayers.

The price of the brand new Renault Fluence ZE is $21,000 plus $91 per month for the lease of the batteries.

The mayor was left red faced, after his electric car got stuck 30 miles from his home. Randall was on his way from one town hall meeting to another, when his electric car ran out of power. He was pressed on time so he took a taxi which ended up costing taxpayers a hefty $84. This would have be enough money to fully charge the electric car 28 times. “The mayor was in a rush and the charge took longer than anticipated," said a council spokesman.

Despite the embarrassing mishap the council said there is no final decision yet whether they will keep the car past its initial six month lease term.

So far they are happy with the performance of the electric vehicle. Early indications showed that it worked well around the city and it saved on fuel costs.

This incident will be taken into account as part of the council decision after the six month trial period.



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