Police force drunken University students to crawl back to their apartment or be arrested

Dylan Frizzell 
By: John Roberts 

Police officers stopped four Southwestern Oklahoma University students who were on their way home at 1:30 am after drinking at a house,one hundred yards away.

The police officers gave the students the option of crawling back to their apartment or be arrested for public intoxication.

Three students chose to crawl the remaining twenty yards to their apartment in order to get the police officers off their backs, but the fourth man 22-year-old Dylan Frizzell refused to crawl so police officers handcuffed Frizzell and arrested him.

“I refused to crawl because it was just so humiliating, while my friends were crawling; there were a lot of taunts from the police offices.” Frizzell said.
Frizzell spent 5 1/2 hours in jail before posting $84 bail and being released about 8 AM.

Upset by the way they were treated, the students went public with their story. It is not the first time students were treated badly by Weatherford police officers. Frizzell said he has heard similar complaints about treatment of students by police, before and after the incident.

“I am not contesting that I was intoxicated, I’m just upset at the way we were treated. We were never disrespectful to the officers. We did not in any way make it difficult for them”, Frizzell said.
Police officials are aware of the accusation and an internal investigation is in progress.

“If the allegations are true, Chief Byron Cox of the Weatherford Police Department will take the necessary disciplinary actions in the matter,” said Police Captain Todd Doyals. Officers involved in the arrest remain on duty pending the outcome of the investigation.



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