Dog refuses to get out the way of moving train

Dog sits on train tracks 
By: David Ross  

(Scroll down for video) A dog was spotted sitting on a busy highway in Russia which was also had train tracks for train traffic.

The dog has gotten away from his owner and seemed to be waiting for its owner to come get him.

The dog chose to sit on the train tracks and refused to move. Cars swerved to avoid hitting the dog, but the train had no alternative route, so as the train approached the dog, the train driver beeped his horn to get the dogs attention, but the dog still would not move.

The driver had no choice but to stop the train. A passerby tried to coax the dog out of the way but she was unsuccessful. The train driver got out of the train as he also tried to get the dog to move. The dog finally got up from the road. The driver thought he was successful in getting the dog to move, so he got back into the train.

He was wrong the dog did not get out of the way. As the train started to drive, the dog walked in front of the train, until he finally went to the side and sat down over there.

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