Teacher arrested for posting up skirt photos of his female students

One of the photos posted by the teacher 
By: John Roberts 

A creepy teacher took photos of his unsuspecting female students and posted them on the internet, according to reports.

A substitute teacher in Coweta County, Georgia, is supposedly a real danger to society for taking suggestive pictures of his female students to post them on the Creepshots Reddit forum. The students, who are quite possibly minors of East Coweta High School, saw candid photos of themselves in a sexually explicit forum. The subsection is dedicated to capturing photos of the bodies of women in public without their consent and has a warning of 18+.

Students could clearly recognize the classroom in the photos, and the camera perspective. The school first heard of the alleged actions of the teacher through an anonymous email, according to Dean Jackson, director of the school system for public information.
"The whole situation is something that concerns us and is something we handle immediately," Jackson told the news media.

"When we were contacted about this," Jackson continued, "we immediately contacted the Sheriff's Office and an investigation was launched. The school system fired the substitute teacher and he will not step back into the classroom." The photo captions and comments were even of a disturbing context, one such post titled "Hot Girl

Senior in one of my classes." Others, more distressing, were labeled "skirt in my class" and "bending girl in my class." Outraged parents could not believe the objectification of which the teacher subjected their teen daughters.

"As a parent, I will not say much of what I'd like to do," said one parent “But, you know, you have to let the authorities deal with it, hopefully, I have confidence in them that they will do the right thing.” The man's name has not been released by authorities.



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