Woman urinates then showers on New York City subway

Woman taking shower on New York subway 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) A woman has decided she can use the New York City subway as her personal restroom and shower.

The bizarre images emerged after a woman apparently wets herself and then takes a shower while riding a New York subway.

In the video, the woman is standing with a friend in a crowded subway car when she bends down a bit and seems to urinate.
To the disbelief of her fellow travelers, she proceeded to take a gallon bottle of water from her purse and take a shower.

It is unclear where exactly the incident took place, but the video was first posted on the Internet. Judging by the contents of her bag, it seems that this was not a spontaneous shower. She had a pink sponge and some liquid soap in order to give herself a good wash.

The woman, wearing a tiny suit and flip flops, seems to be a little worried and tells passengers she needs to wash before meeting friends. As other passengers started giggling, she protests: "It's not funny, I cannot go on stinking.” A woman intervenes sarcastically, "I know, right! The people are so ignorant.”

After the woman is all clean a friend hands her a pink bathrobe she puts on before taking it back off to powder herself.

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