Man arrested for pointing finger at cops

David Loveless 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) David Loveless 58, minded his own business while relaxing on his front porch.

He was getting ready to smoke a cigarette when two police officers came onto his property and arrested him.

The charges: pointing his fingers at police officers.

Fredricksburg Police Department spokesperson Natatia Bledsoe, claims that Loveless made a motion of shooting at the officers with his finger, using his finger as a gun.

Loveless, who has no criminal record, was shocked at the accusations. He claims that he has never pointed his finger at anyone. “I was taking a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket and my lighter out of the cigarette pack, If you perceive that as me pointing a finger or shooting a gun, you have a vivid imagination,” Loveless said.

He is now facing two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer by intimidation and two counts of obstructing justice.

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