Panic sets in as giant spiders kill at least two

Deadly spider in India 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) Panic has broken out in one village, after large spiders invaded the area, causing the deaths of at least two people.

They are dark, hairy and causing considerable panic in a community in northeast India. Several people in the area have been bitten and two people have died after being treated by witch doctors. In both cases the razor was used to drain the wounds.

While it remains unclear whether the victims died from the bite or the blade, officials are urging locals to stay calm. Government officials said that being bitten by one of these creepy crawlers is usually not fatal.

Spider-bite Victim Kurmi Mina said, "When I saw the spider, I tried to catch it and throw it away but it bit me and my wound has been bleeding since my skin has turned black and it burns which is very painful."

Government Warning aside, villagers are not taking any chances. For now, they are sleeping with the lights on, with someone on the constant lookout for the deadly spiders.

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