New York City restaurant holds a duck fetus eating contest

Duck fetus eating contest 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) For most people thinking about eating a fetus can make them throw up, but one New York restaurant owner is trying to introduce duck fetus as a regular food on the menu.

‘The Maharlika’, a Filipino style restaurant in New York City challenged New Yorkers to eat duck fetus in a fetus eating competition.

The egg fetus looks like a regular egg until you crack it open, inside are little embryos along with the yolk and a liquid.

“Duck fetus is quite a delicacy in China, Vietnam and the Philippines, it is called Balut. It is a great source of protein. Sometimes you might get lucky and find one that has a few feathers, with a little bit of a beak on it. It's supposed to give people power," said Miguel Trinidad, executive chef and partner at The Maharlika restaurant.

Contestants had five minutes to eat as many duck fetuses as possible. The winner ate a total of eighteen fetuses in five minutes.



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