Avalanche survivor marries her rescuer

Tatjana Rasevic, 30, married the man who saved her life
By: Sarah Weiss 

A joyful wedding was held at the top of the Suva Planina Mountain in Serbia.

Soldier Nenad Podova, 32, and Tatjana Rasevic 30, got married on top of the 6,000 foot mountain where they first met.

An unfortunate circumstance had brought them together. Rasevic was skiing on the Suva Planina Mountain when an avalanche caught her. She fell into deep layers of snow. It happened so fast and out of nowhere, that she felt herself being buried under a lot of snow.

Podova who saw the girl disappearing into the snow came to her rescue. He worked hard to remove the snow that covered Rasevic until he got to her. Podova grabbed the girl and pulled her out of the snow.

"I couldn't believe that I was still alive, I thought he was an angel," said Rasevic.

She was so full of gratitude for his heroic rescue, that she began talking to him, got to know him, fell in love with him and later got engaged. Now two years later they decided to get married and hold the wedding ceremony on the mountain where Podova saved Rasevic from certain death.

"Now we can thank the mountain avalanche for sparing Tatjana's life and for bringing us together," said the happy groom.



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