Woman arrested for urinating on sleeping man

Angry woman urinated on sleeping man and on his sofa 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Sometimes when women take revenge, things get ugly.

Alcohol may have played a role in the ugly incident, where a 40-year-old woman in western Sweden took revenge by urinated on a sleeping man as well as on his sofa.

The incident took place on one Friday night. A woman and her two male friends hung out at an apartment. At some point during the evening an argument broke out among all three of them, at which point the two men decided to go to sleep.

But the woman, who was still angry decided to crawl into bed next to one of the men, aged 21, where she urinate on him as he slept. Then she went to the sofa and continued to urinate there, leaving a bad smell and a big ugly stain on both the bed and the sofa.

When the 21-year-old man awoke all wet and saw the mess the woman made he called the police. She was arrested, and is facing criminal charges of assault and malicious damage of property.

The man who found himself, his bed and his sofa drenched and stinking as a result of the woman's urine attack is also seeking $1,885 in damages.



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