Teacher helps her students cheat because they are dumb

Shayla Smith 
By: Eva Fett 

Students are known to try cheating during a test, but to see a teacher help them cheat was unheard of until now.

According to reports, a fifth-grade teacher, who allegedly helped students cheat, excused her behavior because they were "dumb as hell."

Atlanta, Georgia mathematics teacher Shayla Smith appeared before a three-person test-cheating tribunal. The court upheld her termination to the Dobbs Elementary school board after an hour of deliberation. The school board has not yet voted whether Smith's contract will be renewed. The Atlanta Public Schools system got the court to investigate Smith. Approximately 180 teachers are accused of dishonesty.

Smith’s hearing included testimony from a former student and colleague. Schajuan Jones, taught in the fourth grade classroom near Smith. One day Smith supervised a test for another teacher. Later, Jones said she heard Smith admit to cheating, while expressing unpleasant views of the children.

"The words were: "I had to give the children, or students, the answers because they are stupid as hell," Jones told the court. She says she did not speak out before because she was afraid from the principal.

Both women admitted to not get along. During the hearing, Smith accused Jones of being a liar. The student said Smith gave students' answers to a test. Smith allegedly pointed to the right answers on the exam, according to an unidentified girl, who is now in the eighth grade.

But the girl's testimony was not airtight. She also said that the examination lasted for several days, but Smith said it was only one day. A testing expert sided with Smith on this point, according to the local news media.

Along with giving students the answers, Smith has also been accused of changing answers after collecting the exams. Examinations marks showed that someone changed wrong answers to correct answers, said Superintendent Erroll Davis.

Although there is no evidence that Smith altered student responses, Davis is confident that future testing will be done without any cheating.



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