Woman arrested for stealing $13 from a 10-year-old girl

Tanika Stephenson 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) People on social media have helped police arrest an adult woman named Tanika Stephenson, who was caught on a beauty store surveillance camera stealing $13 from a 10-year-old girl.

A young girl went into A-1 beauty supply store at 5:30 pm in Shreveport, Los Angeles, to shop for her grandmother, who was waiting for her in the car outside the store.

The 10-year old-girl put $13 down on the counter in front of her while she waited for her turn to pay and the girl began play with a fan that was next to her. While the girl was distracted, the evil woman Tanika Stephenson, approached the counter, eating an ice cream cone, paid for her purchase when she saw the girl’s money on the counter. While she was waiting for the clerk to return her change, she took the child's money, placed it into her purse and left the store.

When the girl realized that her money was missing she began to cry. Police were called and the surveillance camera was reviewed. The camera showed Stephenson slipping the little girl's money into her purse before she went out of the store.

Police released the footage so people can help identify the thief. The video went around on social media and people recognized Stephenson. “I received many phone calls all weekend from angry citizens,” Stephenson said. After many threatening phone calls she decided to turn herself into police. Stephenson went to the Shreveport Police Detective’s office and surrendered. She was arrested for one count of misdemeanor theft.

"It is very refreshing to have our citizens call Crime Stoppers to identify this suspect who stole money from a child and I applaud those tipsters who declined a possible reward for their information," said Crime Stoppers coordinator, Sergeant Jim Taliaferro.

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