Priest orders school children to lick whipped cream off his knees

Girls licking whipped cream off knees of the priest 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) Many people were shocked and outraged after a series of disturbing photos were discovered on the St. Dominika Savio Silesian School website, showing schoolchildren licking whipped cream from the knees of the priest.

Teenage boys and girls were ordered to lick whipped cream off the knees of Father Marcin Kozyra during a bizarre "initiation ceremony” for freshmen at St. Dominika Savio Silesian School in Lubin, southeast Poland.

The photos show Father Kozyra sitting in an armchair with a stick on his lap and whipped cream smeared on his knees. A group of boys and girls who are students at the school are on all fours, some of them have their face painted to resemble cats while they take turns licking the whipped cream off his knees.

In another photo Father Kozyra, sits outside on grass, with only one female student around and he appears to be whacking the female teen with his stick. The Polish government's spokesman on child affairs Marek Michalak said: "This is very disturbing. Surely the boundaries of decency and acceptable forms of bodily contact have been exceeded. I've ordered an inquiry and demanded an explanation from all relevant parties."

Father Kozyra, who is also the school’s principle defended his actions by saying such ceremonies have been an annual event for many years and nobody ever complained. School officials were surprised by the reaction they got after they posted the photos on their web site. “Nobody raised a fuss about it before,” they said. They have since removed the photos from their website.

Child advocates said, "The children were manipulated into this. Limits were exceeded."

Monika Sajkowska, director of an abused children’s charity said, “The priest clearly crossed the line, even if the ceremony was all in good fun.”
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