New York City police sued for touching adult toys

New York City police car 
By: John Roberts 

Police allegedly raided a home in order to look for a gun, but they opted for the adult toys instead, a new lawsuit claims.

When police could not find the gun in the house of a man from the Bronx, New York, they prominently displayed the adult toys of his mother throughout the apartment, claims a 22-year-old in a lawsuit.

Although no gun was found, Dwight Anderson said he and his mother were arrested at gunpoint and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. They were released the next day on their own recognizance. Anderson returned to the house he shares with his mother to find the place trashed by police, damaging the TV, breaking his PlayStation gaming console and ripping his clothes. The worst of all he claims was that his mother’s adult toys were left for all to see.

"Police officers also took all my mother's belongings and put them around the house, it was very embarrassing," Anderson said in the notice of the claim.

"After being charged, he came home to find his mother's personal items, dildos, if I can be frank, placed around the house by the police," said Anderson's attorney, Paul Prestia. "I felt a lack of respect," Anderson told the news media. "I felt angry. I felt violated. I felt that they took advantage of me and that they could do whatever they want with me." He said the police even left one of his mother’s adult toys in his bed.

Anderson said he was at home with his mother when police raided the home, guns in hand, and ordered them to the ground.
"One of the agents had a shield and pushed me to the ground," said Anderson. "I do not know why I was being arrested." He said he was handcuffed and taken to the central police station on 41 Street, which is where I was held overnight until arraignment.

Meanwhile, according to the complaint, the police were ransacking the apartment. Anderson said his TV, iPod and PlayStation were damaged beyond repair. The police, who had a search warrant, had apparently found a gun on another floor of the apartment building of Anderson, and arrested him and his mother.

Several months after the arrest, the charges were dismissed. Anderson's mother has filed a separate lawsuit against the city.
In the filing, Anderson seeks unspecified damages for illegal detention and imprisonment, negligent training of police, property damage and malicious prosecution.



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