Woman bites into dead sliced mouse in Tesco sandwich

Katie Crabtree  
By: Shifra Unger 

A woman cannot eat another sandwich ever after she bit into a sandwich with a dead sliced mouse.

When a hungry mother of two bit into her delicious sandwich with chicken, bacon and lettuce she bought from Tesco, she got a bite she was not expecting.

Katie Crabtree was surprised to discover that a furry creature looking like a rodent inside her pre-packaged snack she bought at a branch of the supermarket chain in Stockport. She was horrified after swallowing part of it thinking it was a piece of burned bacon.

She said: "I took a bite and saw this big black thing in it but I thought it was just burned bacon and swallowed it. Then I saw something horrible in the sandwich. It was black had hair and I could see a little leg. It was horrible." Ms. Crabtree said the shocking discovery made her feel sick.

"I cannot eat another sandwich because I just think of that awful thing,” she said.
She accused the supermarket giant of trying to ignore her after she filed her initial complaint with the store and head office.

“I chased the store management a lot of times about this incident and I got no response at first.
In the end I got a bonus of $15 for my troubles. I think I have been brushed off.”

Tesco sent a letter of apology and said they would investigate and offered her $15 in compensation. A Tesco spokesman said: "We take any such case very seriously. Unfortunately, this time, our food safety procedures did not work as it should have.
We have apologized to our customers and are urgently investigating the matter with our supplier.”



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