Eight men arrested after CCTV shows pedophile taking two underage girls into hotel

Girls taken into hotel room 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) Teenage girls who run away from home are easy targets for men who are looking for prostitutes and for underage sex.

Unfortunately these girls need the money to support themselves and the men knowingly take advantage of them.

This video below shows one such man taking two girls aged between 13 and 15, into a hotel. One girl was holding a teddy bear. The man had sex with them and paid them $6.00.

After this incident police believe that the girls have been part of a bigger group of youngsters being picked up from the streets for sex. After an investigation, eight men were caught by police officers under Operation Kern, which targeted those seeking the services of children for sex.

All eight who men were exploiting the girls were jailed for preying on underage teenagers. Anthony Lambert, 51, Stefan Godfrey, 44, John Shaw, 55, Ijaz Ahmed, 35, Mark Adaoui, 40, Colin Simpson, 55, David Shardlow, 56 and Ian Yeoman, 60, were all jailed for a series of sex offenses. The men offered the underage girls cigarettes, drugs, cell phones, toy and rides on a farmer’s tractor in exchange for sex.

After the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Stokes said: “We are very pleased with the results, firstly because the victims were brave enough to come forward to police and have now seen justice and closure on what they were subjected to. Secondly because the convictions have come about due to the tremendous work the investigating team did.”

Nathalie Walters, chief executive of Safe and Sound Derby which helps young people at risk of being sexually exploited added: “We hope that the sentences handed down today sends a clear message that child sexual exploitation will not be tolerated. Hopefully these sentences will provide some comfort to the victims and their parents and help them move on with their lives.



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