Pastor arrested after he forces boy to dig his own grave

The three in court  
By: John Roberts 

A little boy was taken to a church by his mother in order for the church to teach the boy a lesson how to behave.

A pastor from California, Lonny Remmers, and two alleged accomplices, Nick Craig, 22, and Darryll Jeter Jr., 28, allegedly forced a 13-year-old boy to dig his own grave and beat him with a shovel as a form of discipline.

The young teenager was apparently led to the pastor in Corona, California for advice. The child's mother took him to church, which is housed in a mall store, to help with her child’s behavior.

The abuse allegedly began on March 18 when the child was left by his mother into the care of Remmers. Remmers allegedly recruited Craig and Jeter to help reprogram the child to behave. Remmers asked the men to scare the child.

The men drove the child 100 miles away from his home and allegedly forced him to dig his own grave while he was beaten with a shovel and buried halfway in it. The boy was then allegedly taken to the pastor's house, where he was forced to read the Bible, while the Pastor tortured him with tweezers.

According to the local news media, the boy and his seven-year-old sister have been taken away from their mother and placed in the custody of CPS. His mother, aged 30, was reportedly staying at one of the churches and was moved to another home while police continue investigating.

The three were arrested and charged with felonies, including kidnapping, torture and child abuse. If convicted, the pastor could get seven years in prison, while Craig and Jeter could face up to 19 years in prison.



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