Company promises its alcohol drinks were poured on a naked woman's breast

Model pouring the alcohol on her breasts 
By: Debbie Gross 

(Scroll down for video) A company is looking to get top dollars for its alcoholic beverages by promising that every drop was poured over a naked woman’s breast.

A German liquor company called G- Spirits is promising customers that every drop of its line of alcoholic beverages has been poured onto the naked breasts of a certificate model, with her approval, of course. The brand sells rum, whiskey and vodka, needed to make a truly dirty martini.

The alcoholic drink brand boasts that its old whiskey barrel was completely splattered on the broad chest of Alexa Varga, the Hungarian Playboy 2012 Playmate of the Year. For about $180 plus shipping, the company said, you get the incredibly versatile range of flavors of toasted almonds, dried fruit and candy, honey, vanilla, baked apple and cinnamon. Their finish is harmonic, balanced, spicy and long lasting.

The company says the stock is limited to only 5,000 bottles and comes with a certificate, including the original signature of the model and the number of the bottle, which proves that every drop touched the model’s breast.

For a slightly more economical option $165 customers can buy the beverages, which lack the flavor characteristics of touching a Playmate’s breast. All bottles come with photos of nude models dousing mid-course. The company swears that their product is legitimate and healthy.

"We pay close attention to the hygiene filling process and also the medical history of our models," the company’s two founders insist. The founders, who say they are former bartenders, agree that it's worth paying a high price after all, because this is the closest we ever get to a model's body.



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