Man steals iPhone from toddler as she watched videos

Danielle Hinnigan with her daughter Luella 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A man stole a iPhone from a toddler.

“Young Luella Hinnigan is addicted to an iPhone and an iPad” her mother Danielle Hinnigan 26, said. “At home, she constantly watches videos on them, so I knew she wouldn't throw it away,” she added.

Baby Hinnigan was watching videos on her Apple iPhone 4 in her carriage while her mother was shopping for clothing. The 20-month-old baby girl watched a Barney the Dinosaur video.

The mother turned her back for a few moments, when she looked at her toddler to check up on her the iPhone was gone. She asked her daughter were the phone was, when the toddler told her “the phone was gone”. The mother knowing how much her daughter loved the iPhone, knew that the toddler would not have thrown it away.

She asked the store staff to check their CCTV, where she saw a man walking over to the carriage. After the man looked around to make sure nobody saw what he was about to do he grabbed the iPhone out of the baby’s hand and left the store. "It was literally four seconds that I turned my back, but I'm glad it's just a phone and not my baby that he took,” the mother said. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the man who stole the iPhone from the toddler.

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