Teen's stomach removed after drinking in bar

Gaby Scanlon (left)  
By: Shifra Unger 

An 18-year-old girl had her stomach removed after drinking a cocktail at a bar, according to reports.

Authorities say the British teenager has had her stomach removed after she ingested a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen, an exotic ingredient often used by waitresses at bars to add a touch of excitement to their drinks.

British news media said 18-year-old, Gaby Scanlon was out with friends on Thursday night in the northern city of Lancaster, England, when she was hospitalized after having a drink prepared with liquid nitrogen, super cooled version of the harmless gas.

The liquid nitrogen evaporates rapidly at room temperature, creating a special effect as warmer water condenses around the glass.

It is unclear exactly how Scanlon managed to ingest the liquid. The local police have said they are investigating, but health officials say it's time to take a second look at its use in bars.



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