Girl nearly beheaded from oncoming train caught on video

Girl nearly beheaded by oncoming train  
By: John roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A girl was nearly beheaded from an oncoming train, according to video uploaded to the internet.

It was a foolish prank that could easily have ended in tragedy.

This shocking video captures a young smiling girl in a moving train, in which she was inspired by her laughing friends to stick her head out the window and directly into the path of another oncoming high-speed train from the opposite direction.

With her whole head out the window, she smiled broadly for the camera even though the train was speeding toward her at full speed before bending back into the car at the last moment.

At the beginning of the video, a young person can be clearly heard telling the girl: "Put your head out. "She immediately listened, removing her sunglasses and smiling at the camera lens as the train came up behind her. The front of the train seems to be a few inches away from the head of the girl when she finally pulled her head back into her train.

If she had hesitated even a split second, she surely would have been beheaded as the speeding train crossed the traveling train.
After she whiped her head back inside the car the other young people on board can be heard laughing and asking the girl if she is okay, while she sits on the floor with her hand over her mouth repeating “Oh, my God, oh my God!”

Despite the smiles and laughter, the girl appears visibly shaken by her near death experience, much of which was posted on YouTube. The young people in the video appear to be Americans.
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