Mom creates beautiful art with her sleeping baby

Mother with her baby  
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) Children are always a source of inspiration for parents.

In Japan, a young mother has created unique works of art where the main character is her little sleeping baby girl named Nuno.

Mami Koide recently released a book with photos of the art she created around her sleeping daughter. The book became an instant hit.

When the baby fell asleep she became the studio space, and her mother became the artist. Koide used household items props such her as clothes, stuffed animals, towels, socks, toys, coat hangers and vegetables. Through skillful arrangement by the mother, a funny scene gradually appears on her mattress.

"At first, when I began making the art I was not sure whether my creation looked real or not, I wasn't sure others would see the picture as I intended it to look, so I sent a picture of my artwork to my husband, he saw it at work and he loved it,” she said.

Her husband Katsunori Sunami, the baby's father often has to work late at the bar, she said. The photos always reminded him of the important things in his life. “I look at the picture of my daughter and I try to work harder for her future,” the father said.

Koide published a book with 200 photos of art around baby Nuno. Only one week after it was published, the book became the best-selling album on Amazon in Japan.