U.S. man opens zombie apocalypse shop

Zombie store in Pennsylvania  
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) Steve Jackson from Pennsylvania owns the “Top Gun Military Apparel” store.

A few doors down there was an empty store space. Jackson wanted the back of the empty store as a storage space, so he was looking for a creative way to fill the front space in order to pull in customers and earn some money.

At first he thought of opening a knife shop, then he figured maybe a survival store will be better. He came up with a unique way to make these two ideas work together. He also added many more items.

Steve Jackson came up with a way to help people stay safe when they are concerned about a zombie apocalypse. In addition to zombie apocalypse supplies, one can also find supplies to help them survive natural disasters, like a flood or blizzard.

The store stocks non-perishable food, gas masks, flashlights, rope and water bricks, stackable containers that can be filled with 3.5 gallons of water or other materials. The store also carries a wide selection of knives, swords and hatchets.
Customers who visit the store will find a wide selection of items, from knives and camping equipment with zombie themed goods.

The store is also stocked with zombie-themed merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs and action figures from the TV show "Walking Dead." There is also zombie-themed food like "dried zombie skin" beef jerky and "zombie blood" energy drink.

To make the store more interesting and bring customers into the store, Jackson made several zombie mannequins, including one that pukes into a barrel.

“All sorts of people have been coming into the store since it opened. Some people are really into zombies, while others are into the survivalist culture. Many families come in just to see what we have created,” Jackson said.
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