New York man was knocked unconscious by falling mattress

Jesse Scott Owen 
By: John Roberts 

On Tuesday afternoon about 12:45 pm, college student Jesse Scott Owen, 18, was walking down New York’s financial district, when all of a sudden a mattress came flying hitting Owen and knocking him unconscious.

Witnesses say that the mattress flew off a roof terrace of a nearby building and fell over 30 stories before hitting Owen on the head. Owen suffered neck and back pain from the force that the mattress that landed on him, which knocked him out cold.

The incident occurred on Broad St. near Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, witnesses believe that the mattress may have fallen from the rooftop spa on Setai Wall Street at 40 Broad Street.

Owen moved from Florida to New York three before the incident. Owen attended King’s College in lower Manhattan. At the time of this incident he was on his way to a lecture when he suddenly got hit by the mattress and lost consciousness.

“This was the most absurd thing that ever happened to me, I woke up and people were putting me on the mattress, I asked where the mattress came from and they said, ‘You were knocked out by it,’” Owen said. After the incident, passersby tended to Owen until emergency workers arrived.



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