Couple cancel honeymoon to pay for sick dog's care

Newlyweds Clare and Ceri Morgan with their dog  
By: John Roberts 

The couple has just gotten married. They had their dream wedding at the four-star Vale Resort hotel.

They were looking forward to going to Las Vegas for a romantic honeymoon.

Before leaving for their honeymoon the couple took their dog to the vet. That’s when they learned the bad news that their beloved five-year-old American bulldog Teeto had cancer. Heartbroken over their dogs deteriorating health, Clare and Ceri Morgan, cancelled their honeymoon and used that money as well as their wedding gift money to pay for their dog’s cancer treatment.

The vet told the south Wales’ couple that the dog needed an operation and chemotherapy costing more than $9,750. As soon as they heard the news they knew that they want to save their dog "Teeto had to come first," said Mr. Morgan, 36. Sadly the dog Teeto had his front-right leg amputated and underwent a course of chemotherapy in a bid to heal the cancer in his shoulder bone.

“Teeto is such a special dog. We had no hesitation. We had to use the money for his vets bills," he said. "We told the vet that money didn't matter, just do whatever it takes to make him better," Mrs. Morgan, 26, said.

"We can go on a honeymoon when we've saved up and we want Teeto around for a lot longer." The couple travels more than 80 miles every three weeks to take their dog to appointments for the chemotherapy treatment.

The newlywed said the dog’s amputation and aftercare cost about $6,500 in total, with six courses of chemotherapy costing $520 each. “He's a very big dog but he is managing very well, we are very pleased at how well he is doing," Mrs. Morgan said.



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