Couple’s headstone repossessed after failing to pay $13,000

Grave of Francesco and Immacolata Isolda  
By: David Ross 

The Isolda family paid their last respect to their loved ones by placing a big, beautiful and expensive headstone at the grave of Francesco and Immacolata Isolda.

The problem was that they did not have the money to pay for it. Three years ago the family ordered the headstone from stonemason Andy Manuell, 54, in England.

The $13,000 heart shaped headstone memorial was by far the largest and most ornate Manuell had ever created. Manuell who is a hardworking self-employed stonemason was forced to pay for the couple’s headstone out of his own savings after the couple’s family did not pay.

“I have been forced to pay out of my own savings to keep my business afloat,” Manuell said. He patiently waited three years for payment. After not receiving any money for three years, Manuell placed a notice of repossession on the grave two months ago.

He still got no response, so he decided to repossess the headstone. “I am hoping this will shock the family into seeing I am serious and they can’t get away with ignoring me and not paying,” he said.

Andy’s colleague Chris Groom said: “I think Andy feels guilty about this but he has given them every opportunity to pay. Andy is a very nice guy and he has given them so much time to deal with this.”

The families of Francesco and Immacolata Isolda have now promised to pay in full by next week. If they keep their promise, the headstone will be reinstalled but the cost of dismantling will be it added to the bill.



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