NYPD traffic cop arrested for raping teen girl

By: David Ross 

An NYPD traffic officer was arrested and charged with rape after date raping a 17-year-old girl, according to police.

The traffic police officer drugged and raped the girl he met in Brooklyn, New York, police sources said.

Charles Taylor, 25, an officer of the Highway Patrol assigned to the NYPD Brooklyn South Division, was arrested after he was questioned shortly before midnight Tuesday, police said. "I find it very hard to believe," Michael Darius, 26, a lifelong neighbor of Taylor in the Bronx River Houses said. "He's a good guy. All he does is going to work."

But his teenage accuser, who was not identified, painted a different picture of the traffic cop, telling investigators she just met Taylor while he was on patrol, sources said. The two spent the next couple of days of texting and calling each other until they decided to meet on Sunday, while Taylor was off duty, the sources said.

They met in Junior’s in downtown Brooklyn before Taylor, who has been with the NYPD for four years, invited the teenager in a car for a ride around town, the sources said. The teen told investigators that she later lost track of where they were when Taylor stopped at an apartment building and took her in, sources said.

They climbed the stairs to the seventh floor, where Taylor told her to wait as he climbed another flight, sources said. The teen told police that Taylor soon returned with some wine, which they drank together in the stairwell, the sources said. She told investigators that she fainted, and when she recovered, Taylor was raping her, the sources said. The victim said she left the building and found her way home, and called a family member for help.

The teenager, who believes that Taylor put a drug in her drink, went to a Brooklyn hospital, where doctors called police, sources said. Detectives from the special victims unit of the NYPD arrested Taylor two days later and charged him with rape.

Taylor was suspended without pay after his arrest. He was waiting to be arraigned on Wednesday. A woman, who identified herself as the wife of Taylor's father, said the allegations are simply not true. "Charles is a decent young man," she said. "I've never seen Charles mess with drugs or even drink. I do not think so."



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