Man who killed two rapists sentenced to life in prison

Patrick Drum  
By: Eva Fett  

(Scroll down for video) A man that took it upon himself to kill rapists was given life in prison, according to reports.

A Washington man shot dead two convicted sex offenders offered little in the way of an apology even after he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Patrick Drum, 34, considered by some as a vigilante hero and by others as a cold-blooded murderer, called the families of the victims “collateral damage that I feel bad about."

"As for the men themselves," he said in his statement Tuesday, referring to the two men who he admitted killing in June, "actions speak louder than words." Drum shot Gary Lee Blanton, 28, June 2 at the home the two men shared near Sequim, Washington. The next morning, Drum shot and killed Jerry Wayne Ray, 57.

The two men Drum killed were recorded as Level 2 sex offenders, meaning that the state believes they showed a moderate risk of reoffending. After shooting Ray, police were alerted to the whereabouts of Drum when witnesses reported a suspicious person.

The police found the abandoned rental car of Drum with a note that included an apology and a full confession.

After his arrest, Drum again confessed to the police and said he would have continued killing rapists if he was not arrested.



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