New York man finds his stolen watch after 53 years

Ed Grigor shows off his watch  
By: Eva Fett 

A man who had his watch stolen 53 years ago at an army base, finally found it, according to reports.

A New York man whose gold watch was stolen 53 years ago, when he was in the Navy has recovered his watch after uncovering it in Las Vegas.

Ed Grigor of Endicott, said the watch disappeared in 1959, when he left it briefly at a sink he used at an army base in Virginia. I had assumed it will be gone forever.

The man was able to track it down because his name, Grigor, was engraved on the back of the watch. When he graduated from high school, his aunt gave him a gold 23-jewel watch with his name and the date engraved on the back.

Ed proudly wore the watch on his right hand, his wife recalls, the high school sweetheart who has been married to him for five decades. The watch had been left in a pawnshop after someone could not pay their bills exchanged it for some money, but they never came to reclaim their watch.



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