New trend: Creating art with human blood

Art with human blood  
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) It seems to be a new trend, to use human blood to create art. There was an exhibition in New York City where an artist, Jordan Eagles, showed off his artwork made with blood.

Another artist named Wayne, decided to try doing printing press art with blood. He was unsure of how much blood he will need. He had a phlebotomist draw his own blood and then he asked two of his clients to donate their blood as well.

In the end as you will see in the video below, he used only his own blood since two tubes of his own blood was enough for the picture he created, so he gave the blood back to the donors.

“Using human blood has obvious PR benefits. My additional reasoning for using human blood was that it seemed unethical to use animal blood for such a trivial (in the big scheme of things) reason as it would mean they would have been killed in order for us to do so, however, taking blood from humans has no lasting effects on the donors,” artist Wayne said.

Wayne enlisted the help of medical illustrator Emily Evansvto, who is a Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy at Cambridge University, where she teaches medical students dissection and anatomy, and a councilor of the Medical Artists Association of GB. Emily created the screen print and tested the right mixture.

In the end, a ratio of pigment to blood was about 20/80. A few hours later they had perfect blood screen prints for sale. The art is called the “Resident Evil 6 press packs”. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view



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